Campus Visit

Campus Visit

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Prospective Students: Degrees & Programs


Degrees & Programs


Burman University offers more than 20 undergraduate degree programs. Looking for something different? Check out our BA in Adventure Based Counselling, International Health and Wilderness Studies and Outward Pursuits. These degrees are based in outdoor education leading to work in the outdoor industry or as a basis for counselling.


University Experience


University Experience


When to come

University Experience runs in October, 2016.  If this time of year doesn't work for you, we can work to arrange an individual visit. Please speak to the University Experience coordinator before arranging any travel.

Prospective Students: Visit Campus


Visit Campus


The best way to experience what Burman University is all about is to stop by for a visit. A campus visit gives you an opportunity to talk to professors, students, or just get a sense of what university life is all about.



Prospective Students: Financial Facts

Financial Facts


Funding a private Christian education takes some planning, but the value of a Burman University education exceeds the costs. At Burman each student leaves equipped, ready and eager to pursue his or her dreams.


Propective Students: Athletics




Athletes wanted! Whether you want to suit up and play for the Burman University against other colleges or test yourself against your friends in intramural play, prepare to have fun at Burman.



Varsity Teams

Prospective Students: Residence




The most important room for the next four years of your life is your residence room. The time you spend in your residence dorm will be one of the most significant and unique parts or your university college experience.



Lakeview Hall

Prospective Students: Campus Services


Campus Services


We're here to help you succeed and in-and-out of the classroom. Employment, exercise, food, transportation - whatever your area of need, we're here to help.



Computer Services

Prospective Students: Spiritual Life


Spiritual Life


Burman offers you the unique opportunity to strengthen and explore your faith in a Christian community. From worships in class, local ministries, and short and long-term mission trips, the opportunities for spiritual growth are endless.



Opportunities for Spiritual Development