About Us


Lakeview Hall and Maple Hall are co-gender dormitories located on the campus of Burman University. Our unique environment promotes study, spiritual nurture and social interaction. Two separate wings house women and men, with common use areas being the center lobby, chapel, kitchenette, laundry room, and TV room.  Rooms are fully furnished for students with the exception of  linens and toiletries. In a Seventh-day Adventist Christian environment such as ours, residents strive to uphold the principles of the dorm and an appropriate standard for cooperative living.


Our Mission

Burman University is a community comprised of a wide variety of backgrounds. As members of this community we find our common centre and unity in Jesus Christ. We seek to honor Him by encouraging each other to develop mentally and spiritually, integrating faith and learning, and encouraging growth in Christ. May you find fulfillment not only academically, but also in the magnificent salvation of Jesus Christ.


The Deans and Resident Assistants are committed to follow Jesus—using the Bible, His Word, as the standard of truth, faith and conduct. Those who choose to become part of the residence community voluntarily agree to accept and uphold the principles and values of this community. 


As a resident at Burman University, you have the right to:

Personal Safety - Protection from Fire, Theft, Sexual Harassment, Physical and Emotional Abuse

Support Environment - Atmosphere that promotes Study, Sleep and Cleanliness

Christian Worship - Atmosphere that promotes a love for God, respect for  fellow students and Sabbath reverence



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Our Staff


Name Position Ext Email@burmanu.ca
David Ringer Administrative Dean 5003


Shannan Blabey Assistant Dean 5002


Brent van Rensburg Assistant Dean 4067


Jyssica Delpeche Student Dean   


William Swensen Student Dean  


Christine Goguen Student Dean  


Kevin Osei Lakeview Hall Residence Assistant - Men    
Caitlyn Brousson Lakeview Hall Residence Assistant - Women    
Ben Amoah Lakeview Hall Residence Assistant - Men    
Laura Domke Lakeview Hall Residence Assistant - Women    
Spencer Page Lakeview Hall Residence Assistant - Men    
Rechelle-Lee Smith Lakeview Hall Residence Assistant - Women    
Regan Zapotichny Lakeview Hall Residence Assistant - Men    
Alex Moly Lakeview Hall Residence Assistant - Women    
-- Maple Hall - Men      
Karenda Swain Maple Hall - Women      
Chelsae Bartholomew Riverton Hall Residence Assistant - Women      
Gloria Osei Riverton Hall Residence Assistant - Women      
Riverton Hall Residence Assistant      
Christine Goguen Redstone Girls Honour House      
-- Operations Coordinator      
Patty Werner Switchboard Operator 0