The most important room for the next four years of your life is your residence room. The time you spend in your residence dorm will be one of the most significant and unique parts or your university college experience.



Lakeview Hall

Lakeview Hall is one of the most unique residences around. It is the center of two worlds. Men in the south and women in the north wing joined by a spacious vaulted ceiling lobby. Staffed with couches and tables, it's a place where students can gather to study or just hang out.



Maple Hall

Located across the campus from Lakeview Hall, Maple Hall is generally home to upperclassmen.




Located on Beardsley Avenue, Riverton is one of our newest accommodations for upperclassmen. Riverton also has a floor dedicated to young married couples.




This residence is used as a girls' honor house and usually for 3rd and 4th year students.  Ladies are selected very carefully by the Deans who follow a selected criteria.  Redstone is located on Beardsley Avenue not to far off campus.  It also comes fully furnished.



Off Campus Housing

Apartments and duplexes are available just a short walk from campus. Read more about housing and living off-campus.