Policies and Procedures


Access to Policies

Burman University provides easy access to its policies and procedures in an on-line format.


Categories are as follows:


Organization and Administration

Organization and Administration policies give information on Burman University organizational structure and speak to campus-wide administrative issues (health and safety, emergency management, etc.).


Faculty Procedures and Information

Faculty Procedures and Information gives information for faculty, but does not cover Human Resource issues. These can be found under Human Resources - Faculty.


Financial Policies and Procedures

Financial Policies and Procedures detail operating expectations for the financial management of the university.


Human Resources

Human Resource policies provide information on employment-related issues.  These are categorized into policies that impact all employees, staff only, or faculty only.



Change to Policies

Except for faculty-only policies, each University policy (or prospective policy) is the responsibility of a named individual on campus. That individual will bring recommendations to Cabinet. If supported by Cabinet, the recommended changes or new policy will be distributed to the campus for input and will be found on the website under Draft Policies. Cabinet will take a final vote on the changes or new policy a minimum of 7 days after the material is distributed. All comments and concerns will be shared with Cabinet.


Faculty-only policies will be developed and amended by the Faculty Handbook Committee and voted by Faculty Council as a recommendation to Cabinet.


Distribution of Policies

A hard copy of all policies will be found in the Office of Human Resources.  Copies will also be available to employees on CD, as well as on-line.  CDs will be distributed to the Board of Trustees.



Draft Policies

Click here to review the Draft Policies.





The Burman University Policies and Procedures are presented in PDF format.

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