The first thing a student is asked upon choosing to become an English major is this: “What are you going to do with that when you graduate?” It is often a question the student has no answer for, or perhaps only a very fuzzy answer for; usually something about loving to write stories or read books.



The English Department at Burman University seeks to help majors answer that question for themselves and for potential employers by providing practical experience as part of university study. This practical degree component will give students workplace knowledge, professional contacts, and job experience that they can include on their CVs and resumes alongside their 3- or 4-Year BA in English. Through their practical experience, students can learn how their academic study equips them for a variety of professions and how to translate their university study into professional outcomes.



In a world that is increasingly aware of the value of stories in all aspects of the professional and personal, corporations are retraining executives in the power of storytelling, and stories themselves are not simply a commodity but a powerful way to cultivate humanity, to solve problems, to generate value, to share ideas, and to create empathy; these are the answers to the question “What are you going to do with that when you graduate?” What we teach in the English department has never been more relevant for students and for the community.



What you will experience in our English Program