Campus Ministries





Welcome to our Campus Ministries website!  We hope that through these web pages, you will discover how seriously we take spiritual life on our campus; how important it is that our students are provided with every opportunity to grow in their walk with God... to give them reason to believe.


Campus Ministries encourages students to connect with God through PowerUp, Vespers, Sabbath School, Small Groups and Prayer Ministries.  These ministries also provide time for students to connect with their campus family - to share and support. 


We also encourage our students to connect with their local and global communities through our annual Serve Lacombe Day .  Through KIDS Church, Prison Ministries, Native Ministries, Sunshine Bands, Soup Kitchen, Summer Mission Experience trips, and Student Missions.


Through these various ministries, we pray that our students will grow... discovering who they are, their talents and their values.  Most of all we pray they will grow in their walk with God.


Campus Ministries provides several opportunities each week for the campus to come together.  PowerUp meetings and Vespers programs feature presentations by guest speakers, and are included in the academic program to enable students to receive useful information that will enrich their spiritual, mental, social and physical well-being. PowerUp meetings are held weekly at 11 o’clock on Tuesday mornings in the Ad Building Chapel. Vespers services are Fridays evenings at 7:30 at the College Heights Church.


In addition to weekly programs, a week of Spiritually Uplifting Real-time God Encounters (SURGE) is scheduled each semester to reinforce the vision, mission and core values of our school. Regular attendance of all students, faculty and staff is highly encouraged. 


Campus Ministries (CM) is a student-led organization, coordinated by the University Chaplains Pastor Adam Diebert and Pastor Cecile Moody.  Campus Ministries seeks to provide opportunities in five key areas: 


  1. Personal Spiritual Growth - helping the Burman Community discover and develop a vibrant, personal relationship with God.  
  2. Corporate Spiritual Awareness - increasing the awareness of God's presence and action in the Burman Community through corporate spiritual experiences in both small and large group gatherings. 
  3. Corporate Social Interaction - developing greater appreciation for and share experience among the variety of cultural and sub-cultural expressions within the Burman Community.  
  4. Experience in Service - providing opportunities to discover, develop, and exercise a passion for service through social interaction, volunteerism and community service, and Christian witnessing opportunities, both on-campus and in local, regional, and international communities.   
  5. Experience in Leadership - working with students to discover and develop skills in Christian leadership that will continue to serve them beyond their time on campus. 


Campus Ministries provides ministry opportunities, programs and events in five core areas of the Christian life:



Providing volunteer opportunities to build relationships with and to help others.  Current opportunities are:

Serve Lacombe

Soup Kitchen (Third Sabbath of the month)

Sunshine Bands



Providing support, encouragement and opportunities to share the gospel of Christ and the message of Adventism with others.

Bible Studies

KIDS Church

Native Ministries (Weekly)

Prison Ministries



Helping those who have made the decision to follow Jesus, grow to be more like Him and to be involved serving Him.  The opportunities are:

Sabbath School - Lakeview Hall Lobby at 10:30 am

SURGE (Spiritually Uplifting Real-time God Encounters)

First semester - invited guest. 

Second semester - Student led

Spotlight Series

Small Groups - Weekly



Expressing our love to God by remembering His loving acts, offering Him our adoration and praise and living a life of worship.

PowerUP (Every Tuesday at 11:00 am Ad Building Chapel)

Vespers (Friday evening at 7:30 pm - College Church)

Afterglow (Following Vespers)

Drama Ministries



Connecting eager Christian volunteers with mission opportunities:

Summer Mission Trip

Urban Mission Trip

Spring Break Alternatives: Service Trip

Student Missions

Office of Volunteer Missions - the official Missionary Volunteer website for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America. Based in the denomination's Office of the Secretariat, they carry out the responsibility of networking the leadership of many volunteer ministries, linking Adventist churches, schools, and supportive organizations toward common goals in outreach.


Adventist Frontier Missions - a Seventh-day Adventist Christian lay ministry dedicated to establishing church-planting movements among people groups with no Adventist presence.