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The Impact of Your Giving

When you invest in Burman University, you invest in young men and women who desire to serve God and mankind in their profession of choice. Burman University has an outstanding record of generating an impressive return on every donor’s gift.


  • The university has maintained a stable and balanced financial record for the past 13 years. With the support of our Board of Trustees, we continue to use our funds wisely and utilize our investments intelligently.
  • Since the opening of the Chan Shun Science Centre in 1994, we enrolled a growing number of science students each year who have had much success. The vast majority of our graduates have been accepted into professional post graduate programs. For the last three years, 95% of Burman University students who applied to Loma Linda University School of Medicine were admitted.
  • The university has made major investments in high quality pianos, additional faculty and accredited music degrees, which have attracted more students to our music program. In 2006 we had 10 music majors. Today we have 21. Burman University's music program is renowned for its quality and produces students who routinely take top honours in provincial and national competitions.
  • The Outward Pursuits program, one of a very few in North America, continues to provide excellent return on investment with its graduates running effective programs for at-risk youth all over the continent.
  • The first intern from Burman University's new International Studies program worked for Johns Hopkins University’s Human Rights Initiative, and was rated by university staff as the #1 intern of the 15 interns hosted that year, all of them from prestigious universities.
  • The Lindgren Foundation provided a new spring-loaded hardwood floor in our gymnasium. Since then our men’s basketball team has won the ACAL championship five times within the last 6 years!
  • Since donor support allowed us to dramatically expand the scholarships we award, the university's enrolment has increased from 352 in 2008 to 576 in 2012. Thanks to generous donors, more students than ever now thrive in Burman University's unique, dynamic environment in which each student is important, recognized, enabled and encouraged to succeed.


Your continued support directly affects the young men and women that look to us for training and guidance as they seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Please partner with us today so we can prepare them for a life of service.