Vision, Mission, and Core Values



Burman University will be the school of choice for those students who desire a quality education in a Christian setting that values individual achievement and the spirit of community renewal.



Burman University will educate students to think with discernment, to believe with insight and commitment, and to act with confidence, compassion and competence.


Core Values

Burman University is committed to the ideals and vision found in the teachings of Jesus Christ and therefore holds and models the following values




¨  Burman University will be committed to excellence.  It will prepare its graduates for success in the workplace, graduate studies and professional schools.  Its faculty and administration will value exploration of new possibilities and potentials.  Campus planning will focus on ensuring facilities and resources provide an environment of excellence.  High quality student life and spiritual programs will encourage strong personal and spiritual growth.




¨  Burman University will be known for the high level of its service to its students and all other constituents and stakeholders.  It will model relationships that are caring and compassionate.  Its academic programs and extra-curricular activities will enable employees and students to actively involve themselves in service and mission while at the University and in their future careers.




¨  Burman University will nurture students’ spirituality by engaging them in an unwavering search for a deeper relationship with God. It will be faithful in supporting the mission and beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The University will invite employees and students to find balance in their lives and show their faithfulness to God through their personal choices and commitments.  It will be a community of worship that will promote healthful living, respect for the environment, and a love of God and the Scriptures.




¨  Burman University, its employees and students will act with integrity.  They will be known as transparent and honest in all their dealings and will show intellectual integrity when dealing with complex and difficult issues. Burman University will provide an environment of academic freedom; employees and students will exercise that freedom with responsibility by remaining loyal to the core values of the University.




¨  Burman University will be a community where every person counts. Students will be mentored and supported in their academic, spiritual, social and physical pursuits on a welcoming, inclusive and safe campus.  Faculty and staff will experience a community that encourages personal development and places a high regard on teamwork and servant leadership.  Students as well as employees will have a voice in bringing positive change to the community.